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Aloe Vera gel with a blend of highly potent essential oils helps to soothe tense and cramped muscles. Use during and after training or exercise.


This products is also ideal to use as an after sports massage.

Stressed Muscle Soother Gel


    This gel includes the following essential oils

    Cypress essential oil is used for its anti-spasmodic properties that may help to cure nearly all types of spasms including muscle pulls and cramps.

    Lavender essential oil is very versatile and the whole body can benefit from it. It soothes and relieves muscular aches and sprains.

    Marjoram eases muscle aches and pains especially after sport, also helps to ease joint problems.

    Rosemary stimulates circulation and provides pain relief for sports and exercise related injuries and pains.

    This non-greasy gel with the help of essential oils stimulates circulation and therefore it is ideal for use after sports activities.

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