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The 8cm spiky massage ball (available in soft of hard) is a simple proven multidimensional tool ideal for pressure point type self-massage – perfect for home use and compact enough to carry with you.

Unlike smooth massage balls the nodules on the 66fit  spiky balls penetrate deep into the muscle area providing strong stimulation and leaving the body feeling energised and refreshed after use.

Trigger Ball 8cm by 66fit


    • The 66fit 8cm Spiky Massage Ball (Hard or soft) is a great value way to achieve a strong and stimulating massage to help relieve stubborn aching muscles, reduce deep muscle tension and stimulate circulation.
    • The 8cm spiky ball penetrate deep into cramped sore areas to help relieve painful aches, release tight knotted muscles and increase blood flow to targeted areas.
    • The small compact sized massage balls are easy to hold and control to achieve a firm effective technique.
    • The ball are recommended for use particularly on the back and leg areas where a hard firm massage is need most.
    • The compact portable design of these hard spiky massage balls makes them ideal for use both home and away. Easy to clean and store.
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