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Fellside Physiotherapy Coronavirus (COVID-19) Virtual Service.
Fellside Physiotherapy Coronavirus (COVID-19) Virtual Service. Laptop/ Computer Icon in Fellside Phy
Fellside Physiotherapy Coronavirus (COVID-19) Virtual Service from their home to your home.
Fellside Physiotherapy Coronavirus (COVID-19) Virtual Service. Virtual physiotherapy assessment onli

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Fellside Physiotherapy followed our regulatory (HCPC) and professional (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy - [CSP]) bodies  guidelines to ensure we keep us all safe.


To comply with the latest government guidelines, we have implemented a few changes to our appointments.

These include; initial virtual appointments, COVID-19 triage, COVID-19 declaration, Full PPE, Use of your own towels and pillows, Minimal own equipment bought into the property and High standards of cleaning.

Virtual consultations which Fellside Physiotherapy undertake, uses a secure healthcare online platform; though if you struggle with online technology, please give me a call and we're sure we can come up with another option!

We would like to assure you that these measures are being implemented for your safety and for the safety of Fellside Physiotherapy.

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