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Brrr...has anyone else felt that chill in the air?

The nip on the nose, chilly hands and a desire for layers?

I love this time of year. It’s when I dig out my comfiest, warmest clothes and snuggle up in a new coat and matching accessories. And don’t get me started on all of the gorgeously warm and cosy shades in red, gold, bronze and brown.

The same principle of dressing for the weather applies to exercise too.

Yes, it's time to get wrapped up before you warm up!

WHY it’s crucial to dress appropriately:

Picture the scene: it’s a cold day and you’re out for an invigorating run. You’re starting to build a sweat. As the temperature continues to drop and the wind gathers, the sweat on your skin begins to evaporate.

What’s the deal with evaporation? It works as a cooling system: great in summer, but in these colder seasons you can cool you down very quickly, leading to hypothermia and frostbite, but more commonly sprains & strained muscles and ligaments!

What will help? Breathable, sweat-wicking training garments that will draw moisture away from your body helping you feel dry, comfy and warm. Layers are your new best friend -

Base layer - this should be a wicking (breathable) layer.

Insulating layer - again look out for wicking material, which is insulating and wind proof. Soft shells are made for this job!

Protective layer - this is only really needed if it's raining, sleeting or snowing! A light weight (high vis!) outer jacket is perfect for this kind of weather; ensure you have a full zipper so you can control your temperature with ease.

Accessories - you can't get dressed up without an accessory or two! So think mittens, gloves, hats, ear protectors and for the men, put your warm boxers on! Again, make sure all of your accessories are breathable: wool or acrylic hats are great for warmth!

What about your bottom half?

If you’re planning on tackling a fell or two a decent pair of walking trousers will make your hike a pleasure, not a pain.

When it comes to shopping for walking trousers durability and robustness are paramount. Look out for double-stitched seams and reinforced knees and seat. If you can source relaxed fit trousers that are lined, you’ll be guaranteed a more comfortable walk.

You can work up a sweat on even the chilliest days so a pair of convertible trousers that can be unzipped around the knees might come in handy to offer your legs a bit of cool relief.

If you can also pack a pair of lightweight, breathable waterproof bottoms in case of a rain emergency you’ll be sorted!

Lastly: feet!

Never ignore your feet when exercising!

In colder weather you’ll probably want to opt for a pair of warm, heavy duty shoes/boots so ensure to invest in a sturdy, breathable and lightweight pair.

ALWAYS try before you buy and if you can, try them with a pair of thick walking socks.

It might surprise you but buying your boots one size bigger could really help your feet. How? Our feet swell over the course of the day and if you’re fell walking you don’t want to contend with blisters because your boots are too tight!


So, there we have it! Who'd have thought I'd do a top tips article on fashion?!

Enjoy the outdoors, keep exercising and keep safe!

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