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COVID-19 Closure

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Government has advised us all to take some drastic steps to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

Over the past week I have changed my practice, to follow these guidelines as best I can, and I thank you all for your support to enable me to do this.

However, with the continuing rapid rise of cases, it is with great sadness, following yesterday’s Government advice; I have made the very hard decision to stop face to face consultations for the foreseeable future.

Though you, and I, may feel well, have no symptoms and not be in any of the vulnerable groups.

It is a fact, that we can all be carriers of COVID-19. As I travel from home to home, I am putting people at risk. The only way to prevent this virus spreading further is through social distancing and isolation.

In the mean time, I shall continue to guide you, to the best of my ability, whilst also trying to support 2 local charities.

Why support these charities I hear you say!

Well... COVID-19 is having a major impact on our community, locally and nationally. At times like these we must all, pull together and do what we can to support one another. I have chosen to support Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) and Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs (LDMRSD).

These 2 fantastic organisations, greatly rely upon donations from money boxes; found in local pubs, cafes & restaurants. With the closure of these; just as tourists were about to flock here during the holiday season; their will be many charities which will be impacted by COVID-19.

I am offering 30 minute Zoom consultations, for a voluntary donation of £20 (25% shall go to CMRT and 25% to LDMRSD). This shall include a personal exercise program. Please phone to book.

I shall continue to send my monthly newsletter, with top tips on how to stay fit and healthy during this challenging time. If you haven’t already signed up, then please go to my website to do so.

I shall still be on social media, trying to brighten up your days during these coming weeks. Go and give me a follow @Fellsidephysio and share with your friends and family!

If you are self isolating and you need supplies delivering please ask, if I am unable to do it then I may have contacts who can.

If you want to buy anything from my shop then please do so and I’ll deliver or post it to you!

I shall of course be monitoring the situation very closely. I will be back up and running at full capacity as soon as I am able!

Please support your small businesses where you can. Keep safe, active and healthy everyone I’ll see you the other side!

Finally we ALL have a part to play; so together let’s abide to the guidance, social distancing, self isolating, help those in need and watch out for one another.

Through this we can PROTECT our NHS and SAVE LIVES.

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